#LilikoiCares: Faroe Islands

"Faroe Island" courtesy Sea Shepherd/Associated Press
"Faroe Islands" courtesy Sea Shepherd/Associated Press

The tradition of whale and dolphin hunting, other known as grindadrap, has contributed to nearly 1,400 deaths of white-sided dolphins yearly. This practice is centuries-old in the Faroe Islands and contributes as a key part of many locals’ diet. 

Many sea creatures are targeted, which includes the hunting of whales that occurs throughout the year on Faroe Islands.  Boats herd the cetaceans into a bay, where whales are beached and slaughtered using an instrument that severs their spinal cords. The practice is fully legal and has caused outrage worldwide where animal rights groups call the hunts cruel and inhumane. 

To put in perspective, about 265 white-sided dolphins are hunted per year while 130,000 dolphins remain in the North East Atlantic region. An average of 600 whales are caught each year out of a population of about 100,000 around the islands, according to the Faroese government.

Not only are the images gruesome, Sea Shepherd has criticized the Island tradition as it was initiated without proper authority, and said that participants did not have a license to quickly kill the dolphins, as would typically be done. The organization also noticed the images of the dolphins suggested that the animals had been run over by motorboats. 

Faroe Islands
"Faroe Islands" courtesy Reuters

We, at Lilikoi Boba, believe bringing additional awareness to these brutal, evil attacks on our sea creatures is the next step. Our company has collaborated with Dolphin Project and Sea Shepherd to bring light to this issue and how Lilikoi can
contribute to this cause. 

Faroe Islands Drink

This Fall, Lilikoi will be introducing the 'Faroe Islands' drink, which is a visual representation of how our many sea friends are viewed from Faroe Island locals' who participate in this yearly tradition. With the sales of this drink, Lilikoi will donate a portion of the proceeds to this cause and prevention of dolphin massacres. #LilikoiCares