Our Story

The Beginning...

David Fan, Founder and CEO of Lilikoi Boba


Lilikoi Boba

Founder of Lilikoi Boba, David Fan, first got the idea to open a boba tea company during a trip to San Francisco when he was just 10 years old. David always loved boba tea, but he saw that many people outside of the Asian community were completely unaware of its existence. So, after graduating from college, David started the first US-based boba factory, US Boba Co. From there, he was able to launch multiple boba tea stores throughout California. In addition to spreading happiness wherever he could through simple, flavorful products, David hoped to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures.

Why Are We Called Lilikoi Boba? 

In Hawaii, Lilikoi means “passion fruit,” which is a refreshing superfood containing calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and folate, as well as vitamins C and E. It has been popular for centuries in tropical and subtropical regions throughout South America, Southeast Asia, and — of course — Hawaii. More importantly, it is one of the most essential elements of our boba tea products. At Lilikoi Boba, we only source our passion fruit from its native lands (primarily Hawaii and Taiwan), ensuring that every cup of Lilikoi boba tea tastes fresh, natural, and delicious.

A Taste of Hawaii

The world can be a stressful, uncertain place. That’s why we at Lilikoi Boba asked one simple question: Where could someone go to escape the grind of daily life? The answer that naturally came to mind was Hawaii, a real-life paradise on Earth. This is why we decided to create the first Hawaii-themed boba tea store. In our products, we incorporate the idyllic, laidback lifestyle of Hawaii with the great taste of quality, cold-brew boba tea.

Take a Cup of Happiness With You

At Lilikoi Boba, we don’t want to be just any boba tea store. We want to offer our customers a taste of Hawaii and the experience of relaxing on pristine, sunswept beaches. It’s not always easy to take a vacation to “The Aloha State,” which is why we want to bring the beauty, serenity, lifestyle, and flavor of Hawaii directly to you. In such an unpredictable and chaotic world, we just want to add a little bit of joy and happiness into people’s lives — one cup of boba tea at a time!